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Hi, I’m James 👋

A Front End Engineer from Manchester. With a passion for HTML, CSS, UX, accessibility, and performance.

Recent Articles

A mix of development related articles, thoughts and notes.

  1. Making tabs accessible

  2. Considering design tokens

  3. Using the Next.js image component

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Recent Journals

Articles on being active, mental wellbeing, life, and more.

  1. A year in running - 2021

  2. Ultramarathon deferred

  3. Training month 1

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Featured Projects

I also build on Codepen and any source code is available on Github.

  1. A pointless fan site for the 2021 Great British Bake Off series. A chance to play with Astro, design in browser and use GSAP again.

  2. The simple todo app that nobody asked for or needed. Built with Electron and Vue.

  3. A less than regular personal walking blog.

  4. The answer to the most important question every Wednesday and Saturday. Is veggie man here?