James Bateson Personal Site: Project

Each year I build a pointless fan site to track the progress of the current series of Great British Bake Off. It's a bit of fun, and a good chance for me to try different tech stacks and design something from scratch in the browser.

This year I actually used the same stack as last year - Astro and React.

Astro is brillaint as it allows you to drop in any framework that you want, or not use one at all! (HTML, CSS, and vanilla JavaScript for the win right!?).

I chose to use React, just because I have some projects at work using it and wanted to carry on getting familiar and practising the syntax and infrastructure.

I love the DX of Astro as well, it's got a super intuative and fast command line setup, the docs site is as awesome and they have great social content as well. It's something along wih Netlify I hope that we can use on a project at work in the future.

This year I went with a bit of a retro visual style and brought back a cursor image in the shape of Mary Berry's face!