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Hi I'm James — a passionate UI Developer and Digital Accessibility Specialist based in the North West

With a background in design, I'm now focused on the front-end and especially enjoy programming with HTML and CSS and advocating for accessibility.

After discovering my passion for design and development at school when building a website for my five-a-side football team, I have over 5 years of experience in creating performant, accessible user experiences and have worked with clients such as Lakeland, Warburtons, and Hillarys.

Day-to-day I use modern front-end techniques to solve a multitude of problems efficiently. Aided by tools such as task runners, linters, and frameworks. Writing code cleanly and having repetitive tasks become automated are things that I strive for.

It’s not all about the codes permalink

Outside of work, I like to try and keep active, I am a keen runner, regularly attending local Parkruns and 5/10K/half marathon events and more recently trail/fell runs.

As well as running, I also enjoy getting my walking boots on and going for a hike, especially up in the Lake District fells, occasionally getting the bike out and also going to the gym.

If (when) the weather isn't ideal for getting outdoors, I'll be in the kitchen trying with varying degrees of success to rustle up some good food.