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After struggling with my running motivation for the past few weeks, I've decided to set myself a challenge and give myself something to aim towards.

Admittedly an ultramarathon is quite extreme, and it was slightly spur of the moment, as I've never even run marathon distance before. However, after seeking some advice on my lack of motivation from a running friend and them mentioning that they were doing this particular event, I was sold.

So on 11-12th of September, I'll hopefully be taking part in The Lap (the accessibility of that site is another issue).

This is a 47-mile trail run around the entire of Lake Windermere.

To be honest, I'm really not sure what to expect here and this is something that was a little unplanned in terms of signing up for, and it feels like I may have been a little foolish. However, I have a training plan in place to follow, and won't go ahead with the event if I feel it would be unsafe for me to do so.

I'm super-excited about this event and can't wait to start training and fall back in love with running. This feels like exactly the type of thing I need to get out of my current rut. I'll be posting my training runs on Strava (which will pull through to this site) and I'll also try and post updates on here as well, with progress and learnings, as preparing for an event of this magnitude is something completely new to me.