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#REDJanuary 2020

This was my second year taking the REDJanuary challange, and my first since starting to run a little more regularly.

I thought I'd just do a quick post with a summary of my stats for the month as I quite proud of what I acheived, and it'll hopefully prove useful to look back on.

Firstly, my main motivation behind taking part in the challange was to improve my mental wellbeing. This is something I have struggled with a lot over the last year, and finding running has really helped me. I found information on REDJanuary through Mind charity.

The idea behined the challange is that you do some form of physical activity each day between 1st - 31st January. I decided to take the RED part as Run Every Day, and despite some days where I really had to drag myself out, I ended the month with the following stats:

  • 32 runs
  • 225km covered
  • 1,657m elevation gain
  • 18 5km runs
  • 4 10km runs
  • 1 Half marathon

As well as this, there was also some cycling to and from Morecambe Parkrun on a few occasions, so combine activity stats were:

  • 31 active days
  • 263km distance
  • 21h 21m time
  • 1815m elevation gain

As expected the start of Februaury will have a lot more rest days, but I'll be doing this challange again next year and will aim to beat these stats! The most important thing though is to remember the cause this is raising awarness of, and improve peoples physical and mental wellbeing.

Why not sign up for next year