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Keeping active during lockdown

Lockdown has been tough, especially living alone. There have been good days and bad. I'm not writing this post to make judgments about how people should be dealing with it, or make anyone feel bad. more for me to look back on and remember some positives.

Running permalink

Over the past year or so I've gotten really into my running and had a fair few events planned. Unfortunately (but rightly so) all but one of these have so far been canceled.

However, most of these have offered 'virtual' versions of the events. Whereby you post your run of the same distance as the event. Post a screenshot of your run and they'll still send you the bling! This has been helpful good to keep motivation up in training for the events. Pre-lockdown I had started to do more trail and hill running. I was doing this as part of a small organised group, so I'm not sure when this will continue as it was. I've been trying to include more hills in my runs but it'd be nice to get back onto the trails soon. I have the Coniston 15 still set to go ahead in October.

Parkrun is probably the biggest thing I've missed. Having it as part of my weekend, as well as the social aspect of it (even if it's just saying hello to or seeing people in general). It has started up again In New Zealand, who have got their COVID situation under control. I'd be very surprised if there are many/any more events this year. I had set myself a goal to get to 75 runs this year, the current total is 62. I've noticed a marked drop in the pace/distance of my runs (this could be the addition of more hills). But I'm hoping to start getting back to where I was soon.

Walking permalink

I've not been walking as much as I'd I have liked to be honest. Part of this has been the restriction on travel in getting up to the lakes. I have been meeting friends from work for socially distanced walks when safe to do so, which has been a great help.

It's also been a great chance to explore my local area. I've found a few routes that I didn't know existed.

I'm hoping that an imminent rework of my walking blog will kick start me into getting about and about a bit more.

Joe Wicks permalink

Oh, wonderful Joe. I've always found videos on his YouTube channel really good for a quick home workout, and as has been covered publically he has been running "P.E with Joe". Although primarily aimed at keeping children active on my days off I've been joining in with some of the sessions when I've been off work.

Joe's enthusiasm and encouragement during the workouts is a great motivator as some of them can get quite tough! They also give you plenty of good exercises you can do as part of your own workouts. The length of Joe's workouts tend to last 15-40 minutes, with varying degrees of intensity. Most are HIIT (high intensity interval training)format, with 30-40 seconds work and then 20-30 rest. They've been a great way to keep up fitness and build overall strength.

The gym permalink

For obvious reasons gyms have been closed for the most of lockdown. However, once outdoor gyms were given the go-ahead, the gym I attend did start putting on some outdoor socially distanced boot camps. No going inside, 2m apart at all times, with strict equipment cleaning. I think this is how gym sessions are going to look for a while now. However, it was great to workout and have some social interaction of sorts at the same time.

Now further restrictions have been eased, normal gym classes have started again (still with the strict measures mentioned above in place). I can definitely feel that the Joe Wicks workouts have been helpful, although going back up in weights is proving tough (I only have one set at home, so kind of got used to/comfortable at that weight). There are certain exercises I'd like to get back to which just aren't possible at the moment (bench, squat, etc) due to social distancing rules.

Cooking permalink

I know, I know it's a bit of stretch labeling cooking as 'being active'. Over the last few months, I've been a little wary of getting takeaways aside from Veggie Man obviously. This has given me a lot more chance to try some new things out in the kitchen. Some of these have been more successful than others.

The pick of these being a lovely cod, chorizo, and puy lentil number. I've found myself falling back in love with cooking again so much, that I've decided to start a blog on it. I'll post some details about that soon.

Something to look back on permalink

If by chance you've stumbled upon this post, it will seem like I'm just rambling on about myself and try to make out as I've been up to more than others. Apologies, this isn't the case, this year so far has been hard for us all, and this is just something for me to look back on and take some positives from.