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Getting my running mojo back

Over the last few weeks, I've not been doing great, my anxiety has been flaring up and I've generally been feeling a little down. Trying to stay in the present has been a challenge. So I decided to try and get back out running a bit more.

In the past, I've found that running has helped focus my mind and given me a real buzz. The first step was to download and create a new Strava account. This is something I got rid of due to seeing things on there that were not good for my mental wellbeing at all. However, after finding a block feature I decided to give it another whirl - I have no regretted it. Strava is brilliant for keeping up running motivation, getting an insight into your runs, and tracking your progress. It's easy to look at other people's activities and think you're not doing well, but just focus on doing your own thing, it's about measuring your own progress!

As well as now having Strava to focus my runs on, I've also joined a local running club. Admittedly, I'm not on any of the socials, so I'm not sure if I'll ever know about any of the runs that go on. However, just being part of something feels great, being able to see other club member runs, and how you're contributing to overall club miles each week is really rewarding.

Virtual Great North run permalink

Yesterday (Sunday 13th September) I took part in the virtual Great North Run. Although I missed out on the ballot for the actual run this year, signing up for this gave me a great focus to prepare for. The format was a little interesting, download the app, register for your preferred start time and, start the app and run on the day. The app provided some crowd noises and messages of encouragement every mile. Considering my recent injuries and mental wellbeing, I was extremely proud of my time (just under 1:40). See my final result here.

Parkrun is coming back! permalink

Last week it was announced that Parkrun will return in the UK at the end of October. This is the news I have most been waiting for (maybe alongside the return date of Bake Off). Parkrun was a huge part of my life before it was paused, so I can't wait until it's part of my weekend again. Having had a read through their COVID framework, it sounds like not too much will be changing, there will be more emphasis on considering social distancing and spending less time hanging around before/after the event, but it'll still be awesome to start up again.

What's next? permalink

I still have a few goals for running both this year and for the near future.

  • 1000 miles for the year
  • Lancaster Parkrun PB
  • Morecamble Parkrun PB
  • Run a marathon

Having rekindled my love for running, I'm hoping that meeting these goals is now very much achievable.