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A year in running - 2020

This year, running has been a real savior and comfort for me. Unfortunately ending with a slight injury, I thought I would quickly jot down what I have/haven't achieved and set some initial goals for 2021.

First things first, having done my last run for this year, here is my year in a few stats.

  • Distance: 1,957km
  • Time: 155h 44m
  • Elevation: 20,920m
  • Total runs: 279

This means that I managed to hit two of my main goals for the year (given that a lot of the event-based ones were not doable), those being; Run 1000 miles, and climb 20,000 meters. Definitely proud to have hit those two.

I also hit my goal of running the half-marathon distance 3 times, which I have comfortably managed, doing it 7 times in the end. And one other unexpected goal to mention is going on a couple of running club runs! (this is something I didn't think I'd have the confidence to do).

The goals I didn't hit are all event-related ones. So given everything, not hitting these is understandable. These include the total number of Parkrun events and various PBs (easier to push in race conditions).

The injury I've picked up in the last week or so is really frustrating. I'm hoping is nothing too serious and think it might just be a case of overworking it. I'm planning a few lower mileage weeks and some extra rest days that will hopefully see it right.

Previously mentioned injury and COVID situation dependant these are some goals I've set myself for 2021.

  • Distance: 1500 miles
  • Elevation: 30,000 meters
  • Sub 1hr 30m half-marathon
  • Reach 75 Parkruns (would love 100 but not sure at what point in the year it'll be safe for this to return)
  • 10 half-marathon distance runs
  • A marathon distance run
  • Do more trail running
  • Keep up the social runs/clubs (when possible)
  • Parkrun to Parkrun

If I'm not out for too long with the knee, I think most of those are achievable. I've not really set any event-based targets this time (5/ 10km PBs, etc) as I'm not sure how many events I'll actually get to enter. I intend this year to be more about trying to enjoy my running more and try to get a good routine/plan going that will in turn hopefully help prevent another injury situation.

Happy New Year! And here's to a better 2021 🤞